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Mortgage Training And Education

It’s a Great Time for Training

by Sherri Wagerman

Have you noticed that many retailers are offering free training right now while everyone is
home? Guitar makers, photo shops, and many other businesses are trying to encourage all of
us to use this time at home to learn new skills. As a long time, but not-very-good guitarist, I am
considering this!

For mortgage lenders, this is a really great time to learn new things, get your CE out of the way
if it’s required, and brush up all skills.

What kinds of skills should we be learning or improving upon? Soft skills such as improving
communication with customers, both internal, and external. Networking and goal setting are
great skills to learn more about. Technical skills such as how do review tax returns and calculate
income for self employed borrowers and appraisal review.

Why bother, when everything is so disrupted? Because this will end…the markets will recover.
You want to be ready and more knowledgeable than the next person to be competitive!
Bankers Mortgage Consulting has the ability to provide training for NMLS Continuing Education,
soft skills and technical skills. Currently, we will work with you to provide them through video
training. Once the “all clear” has sounded, we are able to do onsite training as well.

Reach out to us for more information. Contact Bankers Mortgage Consulting.

Sherri is the Director of Education Division of Bankers Mortgage Consulting, LLC.


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